Trinity Worship Tabernacle

Welcome to Trinity Worship Tabernacle We worship God in Spirit and Truth ABOUT US FIND US Welcome to the Kingdom Jesus is the Way There is no other way except Jesus. LEARN MORE Agape Love God Loves You The love of God is unfathomable. LEARN MORE Join Us Praise and Intense Worship @ Trinity Worship Tabernacle "I am the Bread of Life" John 6:35 Jesus said

Trinity Worship Tabernacle – TWT is response to a Divine call and mandate for the raising of fully dedicated worshippers of God and spirit filled leaders with a deep love and commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ at this crucial time for the fulfilment of Divine purpose as the Church heightens preparation for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (John 4:23)

We welcome anyone who yearns for a deeply fulfilling experience with God and greater knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ (Psalms 42:1, Philippians 3:10)

Our Ministry works to raise exemplary leaders within our community with a desire to share the love of God and willingness to serve and care for the needy within the communities.

Jesus Christ commissioned us to preach the gospel of the kingdom to every creation with the promise of accompanying kingdom manifestations through signs and miracles; At Trinity Worship Tabernacle, we strongly believe that the word of God in Mark 16:15-18 should be the regular experience of every believer in Christ.

We invite you to join us for a life transforming experience in God’s Kingdom through the different aspects of our ministry designed for your continuous growth unto full maturity in Christ.

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